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Rarity portrait by Warfost
by Warfost

Overall, excellent job on this one! I had a few notes on technique and such. The most immediate is that your brush strokes need to foll...

Star Wars Imperial Chase Scene 2D Commission by AdamKop
by AdamKop

Impressive! I love how the angles and positions of the ships imply the action rather than blurring. The planet below is nicely done and...

by Feitaru

Nice work overall! I like having a reference like this. I did notice some areas that could use improvement. Overall, the style seems so...

Twilight Sparkle Walk Cycle Test by Airhooves

I have to say this is an excellent effort overall! You got the leg movement perfectly, like most walk cycle animations, but you actuall...


Craver Emperor by MillenniumFalsehood
Craver Emperor
A recent commission. I have absolutely no idea what the Endless Space series is all about, though the Craver Emperor is definitely a cool design. I love the lore behind him. He's the leader of a race of insectoids who fuse themselves with technology and consume everything in their path. Whole planets fall before them and the Craver Emperor wishes nothing other than absolute control of the galaxy.
Imperial Customs Corvette ''Inquisitor'' by MillenniumFalsehood
Imperial Customs Corvette ''Inquisitor''
Another model finished! :D This one was a labor of love for a long time. I spent two months on it, getting it nearly done, then several bad things happened at once and I just had to shelve it... I'm sure if you've built models before you know exactly the kind of disheartening happenstance this is.

But a couple months ago I decided to pull it off the shelf and finish it up in time for a contest. The things I had to fix were the bridge window, the middle engine lacking a thruster, the engine bells lacking the thrust vectoring plates, and the strakes on the front of the ship. I don't know why I didn't just *fix* them... they turned out to be rather simple fixes in hindsight. And after all that was fixed, I did some final touchups and weathering on it.

As you can see, it has a fully self-contained lighting system. Nearly all the greebles on it were made from tank and aircraft model kit parts (including several machine guns, which are some of my favorite greebles), and I'm quite happy with how they all turned out. The main bridge and boarding operations bridge both have small rooms behind them with crew, though they don't show up well in photos. The turrets also all rotate and elevate.

Here are more photos of this little beauty:
  • Watching: Revenge of the Sith
Hey y'all, I am really in desperate need of work.

Anyone need a starship drawn? How about a pony? Or a character portrait for a roleplaying game? I need something, anything to help me pay rent. My roommates helped to cover me, but I need to pay them back soon. I don't want to abuse their good graces any more than I absolutely have to.

I'll even cut my prices down if you need me to, but I've got to get some work.


MillenniumFalsehood's Profile Picture
United States

I'm a science fiction guy with a love of animation and cartoons, so my art will reflect that. I'm 25 and working on a Bachelor's of Science degree specializing in Mechanical Engineering, but for fun I like to draw and build models.

I'm a fan of tons of genres, so my art will reflect that, though I have been known to pick up a pen and draw something original every once in a while. ;)

I am skilled in a variety of media, such as pencil, ink, oil and acrylic paint, and occasionally pastel. As most of my art centers around machinery, pastels are not going to be that common.

I hope you enjoy my art. I have spent a long time honing my skills, trying to get good in a variety of techniques and media so I can show people what's in my head in the best possible manner.

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